ShipInsight’s mission is to bring together and present to shipowners and operators the latest in regulation, equipment and services in such a way that those responsible for ensuring compliance can know exactly what needs to be done and where to find the assistance necessary. Download the 2018 MediaKit to find out how you can align your brand with ShipInsight.

Cross platform advertising
Our digital and print products are considered the best in the industry. From the journals, to the guides to our leading industry website.
Large audience
ShipInsight’s website provides a platform for advertisers to reach potential clients at all times. The website is a well-used resource giving access to the guides and other publications in an electronic format combined with more information from a variety of sources.
Full campaign control
Every advertising campaign across ShipInsight is designed to deliver on your objectives. Advertisers only pay for the exposure they receive.
Competitive pricing
Campaigns start from as little as £495. We only work with companies where we are confident we are the right fit and can deliver the best results.

For all advertising enquiries please contact David Cocoracchio on +44 (0)1372 285 002 or via email at