Maritime Regulation and Technology. Explained.

Helping ship operators make informed decisions on how best to comply with the rules and profit from more efficient vessel operation.

Ancillary Machinery
From pumps and compressors to watertight doors, heat exchangers, purifiers and stability systems, this section looks at the equipment and systems essential to the modern vessel.

Ballast Water Treatment
System technology, sampling equipment, regulation and practical considerations.

Coatings and Corrosion
Regulations on anti-foulings and foul-release, types of coatings and technology, ballast and cargo tank coatings, anti-corrosive systems and equipment.

GMDSS and international regulations, commercial networks, VSAT, etc.

Environmental Technology
MARPOL and US Vessel General Permit requirements, equipment for oil/water treatment, black and grey water and sealing arrangements, EEDI, energy saving devices...

Fuels and Lubricants
Types and grades of marine fuels, ISO 8217, fuel treatment systems, LNG and oil storage, tribology and specialist lubricants.

Navigation and Bridge
Regulations covering equipment and layout, navigation systems including radar, ECDIS, AIS, compasses, etc

Power and Propulsion
Engine types and technology, turbochargers, energy storage systems, PTO and PTI, gearboxes, propellers...

Safety and Training
SOLAS regulations, STCW rules, Lifeboats and Liferafts, davits, falls and release systems and more.

Software and Cybersecurity
Required software, loading computers, ship management, performance management, miscellaneous software, ensuring security...

Guides and Reports

In-Depth Guide to Maritime Communications
Communicating with ships at sea has never been as easy as it is today thanks to satellite technology and a regulatory requirement for almost all vessels afloat to be equipped with it...

In-Depth Guide to Navigation and Bridge
For this year, ShipInsight has combined the three guides in its Navigation and Bridge Series into one compendium edition. This will allow readers to explore the full range of inter-related regulation and equipment systems found on the bridges of modern vessels...

Remote Assistance & Condition Monitoring Insight Report
In the modern connected world, we are used to having instant access to advice on virtually any topic under the sun. What the online world had made possible is truly astounding and something earlier generations may have dreamed about but never seriously thought they would experience...

In-Depth Guide to Fuels and Lubricants
Today, the choice of fuel for a ship will be made for a variety of reasons. Availability and suitability are factors but the main reasons will be a combination of price and ensuring compliance with increasingly stringent regulations...

In-Depth Guide to Ballast Water Treatment
Almost a decade after it was initially intended to become effective, the IMO’s 2004 ballast water convention will finally be in force as from 8 September this year...

In-Depth Guide to Safety, Training and Simulation
A safe ship requires two things: a skilled crew and the means to evacuate safely in times when circumstances become too difficult to deal with...

The Global Sulphur Cap Insight Report
The Global Sulphur Cap report will look at the problems that are piling up for shipowners in meeting the simultaneous cost of two environmental equipment initiatives. Ballast water treatment and the 3.5 global limit on sulphur levels in fuels....

In-Depth Guide to Coatings and Corrosion
Paints and coatings play an essential role in shipping far beyond the obvious one of aesthetics. Maintaining ships in a condition suited to their employment involves a constant battle above and below the waterline with the twin enemies of corrosion and fouling...

In-Depth Guide to Power and Propulsion
Environmentalists outside of the marine industry might like to see all ships powered by wind or solar and make engines of any description a thing of the past but more practically minded people will recognise that while such power sources can make a small contribution, an engine of some type is an essential element of a safe and efficient ship...

In-Depth Guide to Environmental Technology
Most aspects of environmental protection are not likely to give any bene t to operators and will in fact result in extra costs for them to absorb. If they do have a complaint in connection with cleaning up shipping’s act, it is that all too often they are not getting the support they need from ports and terminals or from regulators happy to prosecute but not to provide facilities even where they are charged for...

In-Depth Guide to ECDIS
Last year saw the start of the rollout of ECDIS to ships built prior to 2012. The first ships affected were tankers above 3,000gt. This year the rollout moves on to include existing cargo ships (those built before 2012) above 50,000gt...

In-Depth Guide to Software
Shipping has certainly not been reluctant to make use of computers and IT despite many believing the industry is slow to take up new ideas....


Issue Two - 2017
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