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Issue 12 - September 2018

We are now little more than a year away from one of the most disruptive changes in regulation that the industry is ever likely to need to cope with. The 2020 cap on sulphur levels in fuels will impact upon future ship design and operation and may necessitate a number of modifications to the existing fleet of ocean going ships. In complying with the new rules, operators may meet many obstacles which the regulators and enforcing authorities will need to assist in finding solutions to.

Earlier in the year the IMO threw down the gauntlet to the industry and to the equipment suppliers and ship designers when it adopted an ambitious carbon reduction target that may yet prove to be unachievable in the time scale envisaged. The IMO has also banned the carriage of non-compliant fuels for use on board after 2020 and begun a major review of GMDSS and as part of this has approved Iridium as the first new service provider since the system was first inaugurated.

It is against this background and changes in the other core areas that ShipInsight covers in its various products, that we felt that it was a good idea to seek the views of equipment manufacturers and service providers. This issue sees some of those views presented under the same headings as the guide titles.

Issue 12 - September 2018