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Summer 2019

This issue coincides with the 2019 Nor-Shipping Exhibition and includes details of the entrants to the Nor-Shipping Next Generation Ship Award. The award winner will be announced the day before the official opening of the exhibition, but the entrants do appear to cover a wide range of diverse ship types and include some which are commercialising innovative ideas in a number of areas.

Time has moved on since the last issue of the journal and we are now much nearer to the introduction of the new reduced global cap on sulphur levels in fuels that takes effect on 1 January next year. The surge in the number of ships being retrofitted or built with scrubbers is a clear indication that in these difficult times for shipping, the option allowing the most competitive running costs is outweighing the alternatives. Latest figures show that the number of scrubber equipped ships exceeds those opting for LNG by a factor of 10 to one if LNG carriers are removed from the equation.

The decarbonisation of shipping as sketched out in the IMO’s ambitious plans is making the news but little discernible progress is being made to a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions. Perhaps once the two issues of 2020 fuel choice and ballast water treatment installations are behind us, the industry may move forward. However, that does mean that the ball is more in the court of equipment makers than owners as no obvious alternative to internal combustion engines has yet reached sufficient maturity to really be considered. Maybe some ideas for the future will emerge at Nor-Shipping which once again has a strong environmental and sustainability theme running through the various events organised around it.

Summer 2019