The Annual Journal

The Journal
What’s trending in shipping? All members receive a high quality printed edition.

Their contributions are supplemented by analysis prepared by ShipInsight’s own writers, who have many decades of industry experience between them.

For 2021, the publication will extend to around 120 pages and will be available only to ShipInsight members and partners. It is presented as either a high-quality print edition or in an online format and is designed to be the size and shape of a tablet computer, making it easy to read and carry. To become a member and enjoy this and many other exclusive benefits, click here.

What marks the Journal out from many annual publications is its relevance and its readability. Its articles are not corporate marketing messages or thinly-veiled sales pitches: they are instead thoughtful and detailed assessments of the current state of technology and regulation, as viewed by the contributing authors.

Our aim is to provide a publication that inspires action and supports change. With so much development, particularly in the engineering and environmental arena, no one in this industry can afford to stand still.

There was a time when topics as fundamental as where fuel could be sourced and how crews were recruited and trained were hardly worth discussing. The answers were clear and had hardly changed for many years.

Now, those are at the centre of industry discussions, along with many others, and each new issue of the Journal forces its readers to take a fresh outlook at how the pace of change affects how they interact with other parts of the industry.

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