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This year has so far been a real rollercoaster of a ride as we predicted in the first issue of the year. The IMO has given ground on the ballast water front by offering a two-year amnesty for ships needing to fit ballast water systems, but it has held firm on the matter of 2020 being the date for the global sulphur cap to come in. In addition, it now seems certain that the issue of biofouling is the next environmental battle to be joined.

This edition includes some interim developments on three topics from the ShipInsight Guide series. These are Ballast Water Treatment, Navigation and Bridge and Fuels and Lubes. All three are very topical issues and we are sure that you will find the articles interesting and informative. With regard to the guides themselves, we are now presenting the information contained in them in a slightly different way in the Knowledge Base on our website which is being added to on a regular basis.

The Innovation article in this issue covers the intriguing possibility that small scale de-sulphurisation plants could very soon become commonplace either onboard ships or in major bunkering ports. Such a development a little over two years before the 2020 date for the sulphur cap has the potential to add to the confusion over future fuel choices but it also shows that there may be wider choices than is commonly supposed.

In other articles we feature a Thinking Allowed piece giving the view of the ballast water system makers to the delayed implementation and look at the imbalance in newbuilding and scrapping of the bunker and boxship sectors. From the resulting figures it would seem that the lesson of overcapacity is a hard one to learn.

I hope you enjoy this issue as much as you have previous ones. We have had some very positive comments from readers but we have no intention of resting on our laurels and are always open to constructive criticism. Your views really do count and our online survey earlier this year has given us some very good ideas on what you wish to see from ShipInsight. Even if you did not participate in the survey we are always happy to receive comment from you on any aspect.

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