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This is a very special issue of the ShipInsight Journal – not so much for what it contains but because it is the first of a new year for us.

Our second year of publication begins a few months into the year itself and it must be said that the start of 2016 has not been the best that our industry has ever experienced. There are definitely hard times ahead for some owners and some sectors and there will be some inevitable casualties. But shipping will survive as it always has, not least because without it the wheels of global commerce would grind to a halt.

This edition includes some interim developments on two topics from the ShipInsight Guide series. These are Paints, Coatings and Corrosion and Environmental Technology. We also have a feature that explores some topical issues connected with Passenger Ship Design & Technology.

Also in this guide are a conversation with Transas’ Frank Coles, a look at ship recycling and a look at the ve short-listed candidates for Wartsila’s Marine Mastermind innovation compe- tition. To tie in with the passenger ship technology feature, the world passenger vessel orderbook comes under the spotlight in our regular shipbuilding feature.
The ballast water recount was completed by the IMO and it transpires that the requisite figure was not reached and signatures covering at least 0.65% of the world fleet are still needed. With MEPC taking place in April it is possible that some state will step up to the plate and re the starting gun for the race to install a system and comply.

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