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2015 was remarkable for a number of reasons not least the continual slide in oil prices which was moving so rapidly in December that some articles were being constantly amended. Sadly for some, especially those in the o shore and mining industries, those amendments would not just be a change of a few dollars but would mean the loss of their jobs and financial security. If any of our readers are affected we sincerely wish you a speedy improvement in your circumstances.

This edition includes some interim developments on three topics from the ShipInsight Guide series. These are ECDIS, Train- ing & Simulation and Communications. Also in this guide are a Q&A session on bunkering developments, a look at Asian marine technology and an exploration of the e ects of the oil price collapse on o shore shipping. The world orderbook comes under the spotlight in our regular shipbuilding feature.

As the issue was being finalised, the IMO was recounting the contribution of the ratifying states of the Ballast Water Convention. At the same time the COP21 meeting in Paris was presenting what some call a world saving climate agreement. These two environmental issues are looked at in our Big Story section. We make no apologies for covering ballast water so quickly after the last issue because ratification of the convention will have a major and expensive impact on shipowners’ plans.

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