ISRO to outsource satellite manufacture

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is planning to outsource the manufacture of two navigation satellites, Navic to a consortium of private firms.

Having been unable to keep pace with satellite fabrication, the Indian space establishment has now roped in the private industry to bridge the gap, according to Press Trust of India. ISRO thus crossed a new threshold, engaging for the first time a private sector industry to make a full multi-million, heavy duty and full navigation satellite.

A consortium led by Alpha Design Technologies, Bengaluru is tasked to make two full satellites for India’s navigation system, says sources. Private firms such as Avasara Technologies, L&T and Godrej have supplied components and systems for the satellites.
After almost 150 missions and three decades of space faring, the ISRO is on a mission like never before, handholding the private industry to make a full navigation satellite.

Business Standard quotes ISRO Satellite Centre’s Director M Annadurai saying that the consortium will have companies with expertise in each segment such as electrical, software and others, required for building a satellite. But he declined to name them.

The report quoting sources said that the space agency will hand hold the private consortium in building the two Navic satellites, being built as spares to India’s navigation constellation.

Annadurai said that there is a gap between what the ISRO is capable of doing now versus what they are supposed to make. “…16 to 17 satellites we have to make every year. So it is a really-really quantum jump and to fill that gap…, we thought the industry could come in,” he added.