Interactive knowledge and a new maritime event

As ShipInsight enters its sixth year we are planning some new developments that will allow a greater degree of involvement for readers and followers of the Shipinsight Guides, Journals and Newsletters.

Visitors to the site may already have notice that the menu bar now includes a Forum link which opens up a new discussion and knowledge exchange section. The Forum link is active and visitors can register now if they wish but we are currently in a testing stage and plan to go fully live in April this year.

There are several sub-forums mirroring the subject matter of the ShipInsight series of guides and two for wider ranging discussions. The subject orientated sub-forums cover; Ballast water treatment, Coatings and corrosion, Communications, Environmental Technology, Fuels and Lubricants, Navigation and Bridge, Power and Propulsion, Safety and Training and Software and Cybersecurity.

Of the two other sub-forums, one will be a catch all area for any topics that fall outside of the main categories and where we plan discussion on newsworthy incidents, general maritime matters and upcoming events.

Another is aimed at newcomers to the industry where we hoped more seasoned users will be able to offer knowledge and guidance. We all had to learn the basics once and with so many new technologies being employed most of us consider we are still learning.

We invite anyone who wishes to use the forum to register now and take part in the testing stage posting views, observations and asking questions on anything maritime. We at ShipInsight do not claim to know all of the answers but we are sure that among our knowledgeable reader base, there will be someone who can.

Users once approved by the moderator will be able to start threads and initiate discussion. Since we expect that most users will be equipment specialists and shipping professionals or newcomers hoping to get a handle on our multi-faceted industry, moderation will be done with a very light touch. All we ask is that normal courtesies are observed and there is no blatant advertising or denigration of competitors’ products.

The ShipInsight Conference

The second new development is the first annual ShipInsight Conference to be held in London this October after the shipping world has had the chance to absorb any news from SMM. The ShipInsight Conference will be a two-day event where hot topics and issues explored in the Journals and the ShipInsight Guide series are opened out for discussion by a selected panel of experts and an audience of industry stakeholders. The theme is ‘An Uncertain Future’.

The event is designed around the guide contents and while not all subjects will be covered over the course of the two-day event, there will be a variety of subjects across a wide range of areas. This will differentiate the ShipInsight Conference from many of the other seminars and conferences that currently dominate the event calendar.

Although most of them are very good, they do tend to focus on a single issue whereas ship operation and management requires a holistic approach that needs to take account of all impending regulation and new technologies and not necessarily treat them as independent and isolated matters.

For example, the shipping industry is rapidly approaching the point where installing a ballast water treatment system or finding an alternative way of meeting the requirements of the 2004 Convention will coincide with a need to develop a strategy for dealing with the 2020 reduction of sulphur levels in fuels.

Those may be the subjects that are highest on the agenda, but they are not the only ones. In April this year at MEPC 72, the IMO may decide to push for more efficiency gains and bring forward the next phase of EEDI. There may also be more initiatives to reduce shipping’s CO2 emissions and at the same time we can see that as the ECDIS rollout enters its final phase, e-navigation and electronic report and clearance will move up the agenda.

The programme and other details are now being finalised and we shall soon be assembling our panels of experts and speakers before making all details public. If any reader believes they are sufficiently qualified and would like to be considered as a panel member, they are more than welcome to contact us at the contact details below.

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