Updated 11 Oct 2019

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As the IMO further develops the concept of e-navigation, a potential new technology that is sometimes referred to as ‘AIS on steroids’ is being explored: VHF Data Exchange System (VDES). VHF had traditionally been used for voice transmission until the advent of AIS and VDES began as a concept developed by the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities’ (IALA’s) e-NAV Committee. It was originally developed to address emerging indications of overload of the AIS VHF Data Link (VDL) and simultaneously to enable a wider seamless data exchange for the maritime community.

With VDES it will be possible to send broadband data, making it more economical for ships to maintain a data connection at sea by eliminating the need to use satellites in coastal waters, while not compromising on the global connectivity that satellites will be able to provide in the future. VDES is expected to cover up to 50km from the nearest land-based equipment, which will allow ships to benefit from modern communication and navigation methods without increasing costs.

VDES is capable of facilitating numerous applications for safety and security of navigation, protection of marine environment, efficiency of shipping and others. Proponents claim it could have a significant beneficial impact on maritime information services including Aids to Navigation and VTS in the future.

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