The Environment Guide

Published 17 Oct 2019
The Environment Guide

In modern times the shipping industry has been unfairly singled out as a major source of global pollution. It is often said that when it comes to CO2 emissions, shipping is a bigger contributor than all but a handful of nation states. That may be true but so are power production, agriculture and most other essential industrial operations. It also does not take into account that shipping is a service industry that exists only to move goods and people around the globe. In that respect it is recognised as being the most efficient of the various options that exist.

However, when it comes to other means of affecting the marine environment, shipping is generally among the most regulated of human activities. Shipping is not alone in having an effect on the marine environment. All around the globe vast amounts of waste of all types find their way to the sea. From farming runoff into rivers through garbage from fishing and leisure use of the sea and coastal lands to sewage outflows from cities and towns, it is likely that far more damage is done to the marine environment by non-shipping activities than anything commercial ships are responsible for.

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