Updated 27 Feb 2020

SOLAS coatings related regulation

Coatings give ships many benefits. In some areas their use may seem to serve only aesthetic purposes but in the marine…

Updated 17 Oct 2019

Anti-fouling Convention

Shipping’s battle with the forces of nature is one that has been fought from the days of wooden ships. The biggest problem then…

Updated 17 Oct 2019

Biofouling controls

It is somewhat ironic that the ban on TBT was brought in because a build-up of the biocides from anti-foulings was causing…


Updated 17 Oct 2019

ISO 19030 initiative

Mandatory coatings, their application and maintenance are not yet things that operators need to worry about but since 1 January…

Updated 17 Oct 2019

Tank coating rules

Regulations governing coatings on ships do not extend to all of the various types of coating and areas of the ship that are…

Updated 17 Oct 2019

Coating Technologies

Whatever materials man has chosen to use for ship construction over the thousands of years that he has navigated the rivers and…

Updated 17 Oct 2019

Ballast tanks and cargo spaces

The superstructure, decks, hull plating above the waterline and deck machinery are, relative to other parts of the vessel, in…

Updated 17 Oct 2019

Hull Fouling Control

Although the IMO may only recently have issued guidelines on hull fouling and established the GloFouling project that may in…

Updated 17 Oct 2019

Coating care and maintenance

Some may see coatings as an adornment to the structure or other parts of a ship’s equipment but in reality the various coatings…

Updated 17 Oct 2019

Corrosion control

With most ships being made mainly of steel, corrosion is an unavoidable fact of life as the iron in the steel reacts with…

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