The In-Depth Guide to Ballast Water Treatment 2018

After such a long delay in getting the convention ratified, a year ago it was expected that the IMO would not countenance any further delays beyond September 2017, but at MEPC early last year they allowed what was an effective five-year grace period for existing ships. The IMO type-approval process has been changed and new rules are now in place to address the shipping industry’s concerns.

This year’s ShipInsight Ballast Water Guide is the first to be published after the coming into force of the IMO’s 2004 Convention and explores the systems available to meet it and the US regulations. It also examines the means by which owners can prove compliance – an important issue now that PSC authorities will soon be turning their attention to ballast discharge standards.

The guide also looks at the potential means by which ships may legitimately avoid installing systems by way of shore-based treatment, same risk areas and alternative hull designs. It also examines the future market for ballast treatment systems and how this will affect system makers and the implications for shipowners. These are interesting times and the ShipInsight Guide should help owners to be aware of pitfalls and possibilities.

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