Yara Marine’s FuelOpt offers EEXI SPL solution

As ship operators rush to comply with the IMO’s upcoming Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) framework, Yara Marine Technologies offers FuelOpt – an automated propulsion optimisation technology – as a viable solution that can safely limit shaft power output.

Yara Marine Technologies has proposed its FuelOpt system as an option to enable Shaft Power Limitation (SPL) in accordance with the IMO’s upcoming Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) framework. A preliminary assessment carried out by DNV confirms this statement.

Per Bjärkby, Chief Technology Officer at Yara Marine Technologies, said, “Our understanding of the IMO’s EEXI guidelines shows that our FuelOpt technology is already meeting SPL requirements. We are proactively engaged in the approval process together with DNV in order to obtain class approval as soon as possible.”

Mikael Johansson at DNV confirmed, “We are in close discussions with Yara Marine regarding EEXI compliant technologies and the FuelOpt technology’s capability of meeting SPL requirements.”

The EEXI will come into force on 1 January 2023. It is aimed at any existing vessels which have so far escaped the impact of EEDI requirements. Suggested measures for EEXI include engine power limitation (EPL), SPL, propulsion optimisation, and energy-saving devices. Among these, derating the engine power output via EPL or SPL is likely to be the primary measure implemented for the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

“Our FuelOpt system has had the proven functionality to limit shaft power since 2013 and provides a log of the propulsion data. It can help ship operators to comply with upcoming EEXI regulations while also enhancing vessel operational efficiency,” said Mikael Laurin, Managing Director of Vessel Optimization at Yara Marine Technologies.

FuelOpt also offers the additional benefit of not impeding regular operations. “FuelOpt doesn’t require an on board pre-visit and the installation can be completed at a port call,” Laurin added. The system enables ship operators to set an upper limit to shaft power output without any modification to the existing machinery, aligning daily operations with what is stipulated in the EEXI requirements.

The use of SPL can be overridden in an emergency, enabling the crew to access to the engine’s full power. As a result, it maximizes cost and time savings while streamlining efficiency and maintaining safety standards. Moreover, FuelOpt avoids a significant hurdle to implementation by offering the simpler alternative of SPL.

FuelOpt logs all necessary engine parameters and stores these in the performance management and reporting software Fleet Analytics. This software enables reports of when, where, and why excessive power may have been used during a certain event, as mandated by the EEXI framework.

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