Yara Marine responds to growth with move to new office in Shanghai

Sarah Carter

Sarah Carter · 13 December 2018


Yara Marine Technologies has officially opened its new office in Shanghai to meet increasing demand for exhaust gas cleaning systems for newbuilds and retrofit projects.

“A large percentage of scrubber installations will be executed in the Asia-Pacific region. A strong local presence in Shanghai is key to global customer support and our business,” says Peter Strandberg, CEO, Yara Marine.

Yara Office

Yara Marine claims to have delivered more than 100 scrubbers representing an aggregate operation of some two million hours. Shipowners are dependent on quality products, flexible suppliers, and reliable service partners to support their global operations from 2020 and beyond.

“Meeting the 2020 Sulphur cap with its technical, operational and financial ramifications, is high on the shipowners’ agenda,” says Strandberg.

The Shanghai office reinforces Yara Marine’s position as shipping’s leading supplier of scrubbers. The office will cater both to newbuilds and the existing fleet.

“Shipowners will improve their environmental performance by modernizing their fleets with high quality products and cutting-edge technology,” says Strandberg.

He confirms that Yara Marine’s high-quality, inline scrubbers of premium nickel alloy material come with an optional extended guarantee against corrosion – a major feature differentiating its scrubbers from the competition.

“A scrubber simply has to last the lifetime of the vessel. Replacing scrubbers is extremely expensive and not an option for our customers.”

The new office will support a local team spanning the entire value chain from sales, engineering, procurement and service & commissioning, in addition to local support functions.

“We are bringing expertise to the table and putting the best people into service roles,” said Michael Chang, general manager, Yara Marine, Shanghai.

Asian shipyards and owners, like most clients, value close proximity and rapid service, believes Chang.

“As the 2020 deadline approaches, ship owners will require a very quick turnaround. We offer proven technology and installation insight. Short-term and quick fix cheaper solutions in today’s market have tremendous operational and financial disadvantages in the long-term.”

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