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Weathernews upgrades CIM and gets ClassNK endorsement

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Weathernews has launched an upgraded version of its CIM (Carbon Intensity Monitoring) Service to enable real time measurements of CO2 emissions during voyages. It has also added a function where the environmental performance can be evaluated based on CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and the distance sailed. By using CIM, ship owners and ship management companies will be able to check the volume of CO2 emissions and environmental performance of their vessels in a timely manner.

Since the initial launch of the service in April, Weathernews has been collecting CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, and other data for each vessel and providing the accumulated data to ship owners and ship management companies after every voyage through API or by other means.

The latest upgrade enables the timely determination of environmental performance as stipulated in the regulations adopted by IMO in June 2021. The Service rates the environmental performance for each voyage on a five-point scale based on CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, sailing distance, and other actual voyage data.

Since it is now possible to view data on the Web, ship owners and ship management companies are regularly able to monitor the CO2 emissions and environmental performance of their vessels. The service can be linked to any existing system, including corporate navigation management systems, since the data is provided to ship owners and ship management companies through API or other means immediately after every voyage.

Going forward, Weathernews will add a function to the OSR (Optimum Ship Routeing) Service, which supports the selection of optimum routes, to enable the ecocentric selection of routes and speeds to reduce CO2, by the end of 2022. OSR is a routing service that addresses diversifying needs, including vessel safety and economic efficiency (reduced fuel consumption). Based on the analysis of fuel consumption, speed, and other performance characteristics of individual vessels, the optimum route and engine speed, as well as other information necessary for target achievement, will be shared with the captain of the relevant vessel and the shore-side operator. The addition of the new need of “going green” to the OSR service will enable voyages with reduced CO2 emissions. Customers will also be able to determine the actual reduction in CO2 emission after any voyage by using the CIM Service to calculate the amount of decrease by the baseline method. By combining the OSR and the CIM Services it will be possible for customers to realize ecocentric voyages and visualize the actual reduction in emissions.

ClassNK has certified the CIM Service as an innovative solution that leverages digital technology. While the reliability of the operational data and the calculation method is essential when calculating the CO2 emitted during shipping operations, the data provided through the CIM Service can be used for internal data management or for external release as published data, given that the Service has been certified by a third party.

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