WE Tech wins Wasaline hybrid propulsion contract

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 30 May 2019


Finland-based WE Tech Solutions has been awarded the contract for delivery of the hybrid electric propulsion solution to Rauma Marine Construction (RMC) for Wasaline’s new ro-pax.

The solution includes propulsion drives, energy storage system (battery banks and DCDC converters), main propulsion switchboards, shore connection switchgears, energy management system and the propulsion control system.


The new ferry is being built by RMC in Rauma Finland and is scheduled for delivery in May 2021. The Ice Class 1A Super ferry, with a freight capacity of 1,500 lane-metres for trucks on two cargo decks and capacity for 800 passengers, will be operating daily in the Gulf of Bothnia between the city of Vaasa in Finland and city of Umeå in Sweden.

The Hybrid Electric Propulsion ferry will be equipped with four generators that supply energy for propulsion and electrical power demand in normal sailing mode. A Zero Emission Sailing Mode utilises battery banks only for vessel’s propulsion and electrical power demand and is initiated in harbour manoeuvring mode. While stationary in the harbour, the vessel’s electrical system and re-charging of the energy storage system will be supplied by the high-power shore connection.

The ESS which is connected to the common DC-link of the main propulsion drives provides power for peak-shaving and back-up functionality, and as a single supply when in Zero Emission Sailing Mode. WE Tech delivers the dedicated power and energy management system (DPMS) to control the energy flow and different operation modes as well as interface with the vessel’s automation system. The vessel’s bow thrusters are fed via dedicated inverters connected to the common DC-link.

“It is an honour for WE Tech to develop and deliver the most energy efficient and reliable solution for a vessel that is built at a Finnish shipyard in close vicinity to Vaasa, and that the vessel will operate from Vaasa, which also is our hometown. Our tailored solution will help Wasaline to create substantial savings as well as reduce their carbon footprint,” said Mårten Storbacka, Managing Director of WE Tech Solutions, “Electrical load peak-shaving and the Zero Emission Sailing Mode will have a big impact on energy efficiency and emission reduction, and will reduce the cost of operation. The solution package from WE Tech is significant and plays a major role in the construction of this next generation ferry, in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability.”

“This efficient and unique solution is supporting our guidelines with the framework in the design to build the most sustainable and energy efficient ROPax ferry in the world. WE Tech Solutions supports fully the focus we have on driving sustainable innovations and to use the ferry as a platform for technology demonstrators with the intro of new products, solutions and services. WE Tech Solutions hybrid package will be a unique platform and a showcase for our industry,” said Tomas Häyry, Chairman of the Board in Kvarken Link which owns Wasaline.

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