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Visser opts for Value Maritime scrubbers

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Dutch ship operator, Visser Shipping has signed a contract to outfit their three 9.0 MW container ships with new innovative plug-and-play scrubbers from compatriot maker Value Maritime. The contract also includes an option for a fourth installation.

Value Maritime has devised a smaller compact scrubber and will deliver hybrid ready systems for the Visser ships. The small prefabricated, pre-installed, “plug and play” scrubber is supplied in a 20ft transportable casing. It filters both sulphur and ultrafine particulate matter (PM 2.5) from a vessel’s exhaust gasses. The system assures compliance with the IMO’s most stringent 0,1% sulphur cap applicable in ECAs.

The system comes in three sizes suitable for vessels with different engine size. These include: 3.0MW (0,1%), 6.0MW (0,1%) and 9.0MW (0,1%). The systems are hybrid ready and Value Maritime can provide a closed-loop module in a similar size casing can be provided if preferred.

The scrubbers are set to be installed on Visser Shipping’s vessels between October and December this year; to be ready before IMO 2020 goes into effect on 1 January.

A statement from Visser shipping said, “The decision to install the new type of scrubbers from Value Maritime fits well into our philosophy. It ensures cost efficiency in the long term for our clients and also helps conserve the environment. We have been investigating scrubbers from their beginning and found the retrofit too complex and too expensive, with the scrubbers from Value Maritime installation is simpler and costs are more in line with the size of our ships.”

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