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Paul Gunton

Paul Gunton · 24 June 2019


ShipInsight has launched a new service that will introduce readers to leaders across the maritime and technology spectrum.

The first of what will become a growing number of video interviews with senior figures have been added to the ShipInsight website’s video resources page, with nine currently available. In addition, videos are available of the whole of ShipInsight’s first annual conference, which took place in February.


Our videos are intended to give our interviewees a platform to explain their thoughts and their initiatives in an interview setting, which allows them to go beyond the quick soundbite snatched with a phone on an exhibition stand or on the sidelines of a conference. Instead, they are able to talk about their innovations and their ideas over 10-15 minutes with ShipInsight’s technical editor, Paul Gunton.

At the time of writing, there are eight videos available, covering topics as diverse as pollution monitoring equipment and an innovative communications technology that can be used within the steel hull of a ship.

The range of topics addressed by our interviews will grow but currently includes:

Pollution monitoring equipment: Mike Coomber, managing director of Rivertrace, talks about magic pipes and other concerns that his clients have to address.

Industrial data: Mogens Mathiesen, co-founder of the software and analytics company Arundo, discusses the challenges of using data in a heavy engineering environment.

Lube oil selection, post-2020: Ian Thurloway brand and marketing manager for lubricants at Chevron Marine Lubricants and Monique Vermeire, marine fuels technologist for Chevron, speak about the importance of lube oil selection with 2020-compliant fuels.

Digitalisation strategies: John Taxgaard, a vice president at the information service provider Speedcast, says these depend very much on the people who use them.

Fuel conditioning: Roberto Comelli, business manager for fuel conditioning systems at Alfa Laval, advises that the advent of low-sulphur fuels will not mean that engineers can forget about fuel conditioning.

Equipment reliability: Tamara de Gruyter, vice president marine for Europe & Africa at Wärtsilä, considers whether equipment is becoming more reliable and the implications for their maintenance and servicing.

Onboard communications: Jacob Grieg Eide, chief business development officer of connectivity specialist ScanReach, describes how its technology overcomes the limitations imposed by a ship’s steel hull.

BWMS installation: Optimarin CEO Tore Andersen warns that some shipowners risk leaving it too late to fit their ballast water management systems.

Scrubber benefits: Peter Strandberg, chief executive of scrubber maker Yara Marine, weighs up their costs and benefits.

More interviews will be added to the site and if you would like be featured in this series contact ShipInsight’s managing director Adam Foster by email or by calling +44 (0)1372 285001 or +44 (0)7487 832935.

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