Video honours seafarers during COVID-19 crisis

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 21 May 2020


Images of key workers continuing to work during the current crisis have so far only featured shore workers leaving seafarers overlooked. But a new short video produced by The American Club and Eagle Ocean Marine (EOM) entitled ‘Weathering the Storm’ salutes the service of seafarers in these turbulent times as they seek to protect themselves in their vital work, at sea and in port, against the ravages of COVID-19.

Joseph E M Hughes, Chairman & CEO Shipowners Claims Bureau, Managers for the American Club said, “As seafarers labour in their essential role of enabling global trade, they must now confront the perils of the present pandemic, such as isolation, with the same composure as that with which they traditionally confront the perils of the sea.

In this presentation we honour these heroes of the sea as they weather the storm during the COVID-19 crisis and continue with the vital role they play on the frontlines of the global economy.”

The video has been compiled with the generous cooperation of crews currently serving on vessels owned by Members of the Club, those insured by EOM and other business partners. It can be accessed at

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