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VesselsValue expands range with launch of Small Dry as part of Trade offering

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Online valuation and data provider, VesselsValue has announced it is now covering Small Dry Trade as well as having undergone a thorough review and update of its daily automated values.

Commenting on the launch, Christian Faber, Small Dry Commercial Analyst – VesselsValue Ltd said, “The Small Dry segment has always been a major part of the shipping industry, despite not necessarily being in the spotlight. More than 10,000 vessels are currently sailing on global waters, delivering a range of commodities from grain, gypsum, clay to timber, construction materials and wind turbine equipment. The wide range of sub-types allows these vessels the flexibility to accommodate varying specifications depending on cargo and or trading requirements, making this sector an asset to the global fleet.”

As well as updated Values and Small Dry Trade, an extensive fleet search, transactions database and live AIS and GIS mapping and tracking tool is also available.

As of today, the total value of the global Small Dry fleet consisting of 10,196 vessels is $43.09Bn. The most valuable Small Dry vessel currently on the water is the Tian You with a market value of $31.35m.


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