Vesper Marine rolls out smartAIS Technology

Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter

06 February 2017

Auckland, New Zealand Vesper Marine, a manufacturer of innovative marine safety products, announced today the release of its revolutionary smartAIS technology.

Combined with award-winning, proven Vesper Marine products, smartAIS provides new capabilities – including the world’s first black box AIS transponder with built-in safety alarms – to make boating safer and more enjoyable.

Unlike other manufacturers’ solutions that simply send and receive AIS data, Vesper Marine’s smartAIS goes much further. An active system with smart alarm logic, it proactively alerts boaters of potentially hazardous situations.

Putting users in control, smartAIS combines navigation sensor data, and GPS and AIS information, with intelligent alarm management that prioritizes alerts for the most urgent response.

While traditional AIS transponders require additional equipment to trigger alarms, Vesper Marine’s smartAIS units continuously calculate crossing situations and generate collision alarms for critical action, alerts the crew of anchor dragging, and activates alarms for immediate man overboard (MOB) retrieval.

“We are consistently pushing the envelope of the capabilities and uses of AIS technology and our smartAIS device intelligence is miles ahead of any other system,” says Jeff Robbins, CEO, Vesper Marine.

Jeff added: “In addition to new functionality that no other ‘black box’ AIS transponder offers, Vesper Marine keeps expanding the capabilities and benefits to our customers by adding new safety and ease-of-use features. With the launch of smartAIS technology, boaters will be safer and sleep better knowing that our transponders are always on and always watching, silently identifying risk situations and triggering alarms.”