Veson Nautical rolls out new Veslink IMOSlive

Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter

10 February 2017

Veson Nautical has announced Veslink IMOSlive which the company claims as the world's first complete end-to-end shipping platform optimized for the web. Veson is a leading provider of commercial maritime software and services.

Veslink IMOSlive combines the existing IMOSlive cloud infrastructure with the web accessibility and partner connectivity of Veson's online Veslink solutions, creating an entirely new offering that brings robust enterprise functionality to browsers and mobile devices.

Built on the foundation of the Integrated Maritime Operations System (IMOS), the industry-standard solution for commercial maritime operations for more than a decade, Veslink IMOSlive brings the core IMOS workflows to the web.

The result is the first comprehensive online platform for marine Chartering, Operations, Financials, and Analytics that serves all industry verticals. As a modern cloud application with a sleek, intuitive user interface, Veslink IMOSlive is designed for rapid deployment within an organization, bypassing infrastructure overhead and obtrusive middleware.

Stated Agya Garg, Vice President of Product, "Veslink IMOSlive reflects Veson Nautical's continued commitment to product innovation, as the introduction of mobile access to IMOS core solutions and data will truly transform the way our clients work in the office, remotely, onboard the vessel, and with business partners. Because Veson IMOSlive is accessible on any browser or mobile device, it puts our clients' business at their fingertips."

Image: Stock Library.