Vard delivers latest vessel to Island Offshore

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 10 February 2020


Island Offshore has taken delivery of the new offshore installation vessel Island Victory - Christened during a name giving ceremony at VARD Langsten last week. Island Victory is a vessel of high capacities and capabilities.

Island Victory was designed by Kongsberg Maritime and is a type UT797 CX. The towering vessel with yard number 831, was built by VARD, and has breadth of 25m, a length of 123m and a deck space of 1,200m2. It is equipped with a 250 tonnes offshore crane, two ROVs and a large moon pool, making it suitable for both pre-lay of anchor systems, installation of subsea equipment on the seabed, maintenance of oil wells, regular anchor handling as well as installation of offshore windmills. The spacious accommodation has room for 110 persons, making it a possible to function as an accommodation vessel as well.


The ship beat all records during bollard pull tests last year with a traction of 477 tonnes. In addition to heavy tows and installation duties she can also hold two whole anchor spreads on deck, which few other vessels can match.

Island Victory will be heading straight into operation after delivery. At first a couple of weeks in the spot market, before commencing a series of awarded contracts securing work for the vessel potentially through to October this year. The capacities of the vessel have already secured jobs in the Barents Sea as well as in the Gulf of Mexico.

“We experience great interest for this vessel. Having jobs lined up in coming months, confirms this and is highly appreciated. We expect that the interest and work opportunities will increase as we enter into operation and prove the vessel and crew capabilities,” said Managing Director of Island Offshore Management AS, Tommy Walaunet. “We have put together an excellent crew which we are confident will take good care of the ship and deliver safe and efficient operations to our customers,” Walaunet addeds.

Island Victory is built on strong relations between colleagues in Island Offshore, Kongsberg and VARD, with a common drive to create something new and different together. Over several decades, our fellowship has resulted in a number of new innovations, and Island Victory is another unique vessel we are introducing to the market. I would like to thank for the great and solution oriented co-operation and express my gratitude to all involved in this project,” said Erik Haakonsholm, General Manager of Offshore and Specialized vessel in VARD.

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