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Value Maritime chalks up more scrubber sales

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Netherlands-based plug and play scrubber maker has added further sales for its modular scrubber system.

Boomsma Shipping has taken the step to turn to scrubbers in order to comply with the IMO2020 regulations coming into play from 1st of January 2020. They have signed a contract for a first Scrubber from Value Maritime with an option for two more.

Boomsma Shipping has a range of box-shaped, multi-purpose, dry cargo vessels. Their first scrubber will be installed on one of the following three vessels: Frisian Ocean, Frisiana or Marfaam. All these three multi-purpose vessels are in the 8,000-8,500dwt range with a 3.0MW engine.

Since the chosen scrubber system from Value Maritime is relatively easy to install, they will decide at a later date which vessel to install first. Later next year, Boomsma Shipping will have the opportunity to exercise the option and undertake installation for their other two vessels.

“Boomsma Shipping has a rich history in dry cargo shipping. This is reflected in the capability and experience of our ship and fleet management. We pursue a policy of Best Practice in all aspects of our business. We believe in combining the most recent innovations with our experience, to deliver outstanding quality services for our customers and clients. The reinvented scrubber system from Value Maritime is such an innovation. We have looked at scrubbers for our fleet before, but conventional systems did not fit our vessels and were financially and environmentally not an interesting option. Whereas Value Maritime ticks all the boxes,” said Johan Boomsma – Director Boomsma Shipping BV.

“The Boomsma Shipping compliance department is specialised in IMO, ISM, ISPS, MLC, and IHM regulations. We take a holistic approach based on, but not limited to, crew safety and protecting the environment. As well as detailed monitoring procedures, certifications and inspections, in support of our aim to meet the highest standards of compliance, according to the international Port State Control standards. With the Value Maritime scrubber system, we believe to have found the best way forward to comply with IMO2020 regulations, protecting the environment & securing healthy financial future at the same time,“ he added.

Value Maritime will deliver a hybrid ready scrubber system. The company has developed a small prefabricated, pre-installed, “plug and play” EGCS in a 20 ft road transportable casing. The system assures compliance with the IMO 0.1% sulphur cap for ECAs and comes in three sizes suitable for vessels with different engine size. These include: 3.0MW (0.1%), 6.0MW (0.1%) and 9.0MW (0.1%). The systems are hybrid ready and a closed-loop module in a similar size casing can be provided if preferred.

The first Scrubber is set to be installed on one of Boomsma Shipping’s vessels March next year.

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