USCG receives two new applications for type-approval

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Two new applications for ballast water treatment system type-approval have been submitted to the US Coast Guard.

Alfa Laval has submitted an application for its earlier generation PureBallast 2.0 having already received type-approvals for newer versions of the system. The 2.0 version was covered under the AMS system which is now drawing to a close meaning ships with systems permitted under the arrangement will have to replace the system with a USCG approved system if the ship is to continue trading to the US. By seeking USCG type approval for the system, Alfa Laval is looking to keep its earlier promise that all systems would eventually be type approved.

The second system applying for type approval is the SKF BlueSonic manufactured by SKF Marine from Germany. This system uses a combination of UV and ultrasound in operation. The ultrasound aspect is aimed at both weakening organisms before the UV treatment and for keeping the glass of the UV lamps free of dirt build up. SKF says this removes the need for chemical cleaning of the UV lamps.

SKF had earlier said that they hoped to achieve both IMO and USCG approval this year.


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