USCG approves HHI’s EcoBallast

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 09 October 2019


Hyundai Heavy Industries’ EcoBallast treatment system has been type-approved by the USCG adding to the list of systems recognised for use in the US.

The treatment principle of the EcoBallast BWMS consists of filtration with UV treatment during uptake and discharge. The approval covers models with maximum treatment rated capacities between 250 m3/h and 2,160 m3/h.

The system must be installed and operated in accordance with the EcoBallast Operation, Maintenance, and Safety Manual (OMSM), Rev. 2, dated July 15, 2019. According to the type-approval certificate it has the following operational limitations:

  • Salinity: Not Applicable
  • Water Temperature: <45º C
  • Hold Time: >120 Hours
  • Filter Outlet Pressure: >1.5 bar
  • UV-Transmittance: >65% at 100% TRC >55% at 56% TRC

This BWMS does not meet the requirements of 46 CFR Subchapters F and J, and may not be

installed on a U.S. flag vessel. The BWMS does not meet the requirements of 46 CFR 111.105,

and may not be installed in hazardous locations on a U.S. flag vessel. The BWMS is not intended for installation in hazardous locations on foreign vessels.

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