USCG approves 24th ballast treatment system

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 06 November 2019


South Korean ballast treatment system maker, Hanla IMS has been granted type approval for its EcoGuardian system by the US Coast Guard.

The Marine Safety Center issued the 24th U.S. Coast Guard Ballast Water Management System Type Approval Certificate after a detailed review of the manufacturer’s type approval application determined the system met the requirements of 46 CFR 162.060.


The EcoGuardian system consists of filtration with electrolysis treatment at uptake and neutralisation during discharge. The approval covers models with maximum treatment rated capacities between 130 m3/h and 4,000 m3/h. it can operate in all salinities and in water temperatures between 0 and 40°C. When necessary the Electrolyte Feed Salinity must be greater than 10PSU and temperature above 10°C.

The system may not be installed on a US flag vessel but may be installed in hazardous locations to which it is certified on a foreign flag vessel subject to approval of the foreign administration.

The approval of the system means there are now ten other systems awaiting approval and a further three systems already type approved requesting new certification after modifications or new models.

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