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UK P&I Club to offer fixed premium P&I

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Thomas Miller Specialty, a global insurance provider across a number of sectors including Marine P&I and Offshore Marine and Energy, has announced that its three year close and collaborative partnership for fixed premium P&I with AIG will end with effect from 1st January 2022. This is a strategic move for both Thomas Miller Specialty and AIG with both parties looking forward to continuing their strong and supportive relationship in other business areas going forward.

The new collaboration between Thomas Miller Specialty and the UK P&I Club will create a joined up and market leading partnership between two P&I specialists with a wealth of experience between them. Together the two businesses will provide a fixed premium P&I product with true global reach.

Danielle Champion, CEO, Thomas Miller Specialty, said, “We have strong links with the UK P&I Club and it is the ideal partner to underwrite our fixed premium book. We would like to thank AIG for their support over the years and we will be continuing with the close relationship we have with AIG in other areas of our business.”

Andrew Taylor, CEO of UK P&I Club, said, “Thomas Miller Specialty is a great fit for the UK P&I Club and we greatly look forward to working with them more closely in the future.  The working partnership between us will further cement Thomas Miller as one of the leading providers of P&I insurance and provide a comprehensive product offering to our mutual client base.”

Kristof de Bremme, Global Head of Marine, AIG added, “AIG stepping back as the fixed premium P&I insurer partner for Thomas Miller Specialty is a strategic decision and will allow AIG to provide support to Thomas Miller Specialty in other ways.  We look forward to maintaining the close relationship our two companies have and wish Thomas Miller Specialty and the UK P&I Cub well in their new partnership together.”

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