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UK Club releases new ‘Ask an Expert’ video on ECDIS passage planning

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The UK P&I Club has released the latest video in its online ‘Ask an Expert’ series, featuring Captain Vincent Fernandes, author of ‘ECIDS Blues’, in a discussion on passage planning on Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS).

The discussion follows a recent UK Supreme Court decision on CMA CGM Libra in which a defective passage plan can render a vessel unseaworthy. In the video, Anuj Velankar, Regional Director Loss Prevention at the UK P&I Club, talks to Vincent Fernandes about the ECDIS perspective on the grounding and the various aspects of passage planning to see if the same issues that led to the grounding on paper charts could happen today on ECDIS. There is further discussion on steps that the bridge team could take to avoid making these errors and highlights best practice in relation to making and monitoring passage plans on ECDIS.

Stuart Edmonston, Loss Prevention Director at UK P&I Club says: “By analysing the ruling on CMA CGM Libra, we can understand how ECDIS improves navigational efficiency and makes bridge watch-keeping safer to that of paper charts of years past. ECDIS is here to stay, and it is important to understand the interaction of the crew and equipment to avoid the same mistakes. This video resource gives valuable guidance and helps shipowners and crew to get to grips with the importance of understanding how seafloor coverage, depth notification, Catazoc and T&P corrections are all factors to ensuring safe passage planning of ships.”

The ‘Ask an Expert’ video series provide specialist analysis and insight on a range of specific topics from leading figures in the marine sector. Informative and concise in their 30-minute format, the videos are designed to give the audience a broad understanding of an issue in an optimised timeframe.

The ‘Ask an Expert’ video on Passage planning on ECDIS with Vincent Fernandes can be viewed at

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