Tie up to improve emission reporting

Malcolm Latarche
Malcolm Latarche

04 December 2018

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between classification society Korean Register (KR) and Swiss Climate EcoCare to provide enhanced IMO DCS services to the shipping industry.

Collection and verification of CO2 emission data under the IMO’s data collection service becomes mandatory as from 1 January 2019. Similar requirements for vessels under flags of EU member states or other flag ships operating in EU waters are already in place but the requirement to monitor verify and report data will become global at the beginning of next year.

Kr Swiss

KR is a Recognized Organization for IMO DCS and an accredited third-party verifier for EU MRV. As an authorized verifier under IMO DCS, KR assesses SEEMP Part II, verifies emission data based on MARPOL Annex Ⅵ regulation 22 & 22A, and issues the respective certificates.

Swiss Climate EcoCare is an independent EU MRV and IMO DCS verifier since 2017 it has offered fully digitalised and automated verification services for the collection and transfer of IMO DCS related data, using its web application Cockpit. The MRV Cockpit can be connected via an interface to the Vessel Performance Monitoring System (VPMS) on board to receive the emission data automatically.

Philipp Ahrenkiel, Managing Director at Swiss Climate EcoCare, explained, "Our extensive experience in the field of CO2 management, combined with our comprehensive digital approach, has shown Korean Register that our competencies and capabilities complement each other perfectly. Ship owners will benefit diversely from the pooling of verification and certification expertise in the maritime sector."

Under the MoU, by using the Cockpit app to verify IMO DCS related data received from ships, KR will be able to provide a neutral, highly efficient and effective, rapid service. The process will ensure that the verification, validation and certification of the data is conducted independently and impartially.