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Techcross wins fleet ballast deal with Anthony Veder

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Korean ballast treatment system maker Techcross through its Europe Office has signed a contract to install ballast water management systems on the fleet of Netherlands-based gas carrier operator Anthony Veder.

Under the contract Anthony Veder’s 13 vessels will be equipped with a direct electrolysis ballast water management system, Electro-Cleen System (ECS). Depending on the size of the vessel, products with 300 to 450 tons will be delivered sequentially by 2024, and delivery to the first vessel will begin immediately from the third quarter of this year.

Currently, 31 vessels are being operated by the Dutch owner and in order to comply with the BWM Convention various ballast water management systems have been listed as candidates since 2019 and suitable products have been thoroughly reviewed. The main determinant at this time was the low maintenance and OPEX as the ballast water management system is used for a long period of time throughout the operational period of the vessel, even if the initial purchase cost is low, but the replacement parts or OPEX are high, the overall cost used during the life of the system will eventually increase significantly. Considering this, the ECS by Techcross received high evaluations for its low power consumption and low OPEX with just a single treatment during ballasting, as well as being a semi-permanent product that does not require replacement of separate equipment during the period of use.

“As we provide system installation and service over the next several years, we hope to maintain a continuous and steady partnership between the two companies,” said a representative of Techcross’ Europe Office.

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