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Techcross legacy system approved by USCG

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South Korean ballast treatment system maker Techcross has reported that its original ECS-A system has been approved in addition to Techcross ECS in the updated approval status of the USCG on 16 October.

This means that Techcross, which sells electrolysis-based ECS and ECS-HYCHLOR, has also obtained a new USCG type approval for ECS-A, which is the initial model of ECS.

ECS-A is a pioneering product which received the first ever IMO approval in 2006. Since then, the ECS-B was developed with a simplified design and expanded processing capacity range.

ECS-A production ceased in 2012, however, since there are customers who have purchased ECS-A due to their interest in protecting the marine environment from early on, both ECS and ECS-A obtained USCG AMS in 2013, which allowed the free entry into the United States until 2018. 

Performing certification test of a discontinued product not only requires the need to produce new test equipment, but also means conducting a comparative verification test to investigate whether it is the same as the product at the time.  Techcross said it has taken it upon itself to do this for customer satisfaction and to ensure continued acceptance of the system by the USCG.

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