Techcross claims big wins in ballast market

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 19 February 2019


South Korean ballast treatment specialist Techcross has secured a string of large orders in recent months as 2019 heralds the start of the five-year ballast treatment retrofit programme.

Techcross announced on February 18 that with the shipbuilding industry on the rebound it has already won more than 242 units (159 vessels) in January alone in 2019. The company said that it was continuously winning orders from world’s major shipping companies including Arklow Shipping who signed a contract with the Techcross office in Europe for total 51 vessels.

The company claims it has the largest number of orders in the world and believes its track record is a major factor in this. The company says it has seen product inquiries steadily increasing since the end of last year. With this trend reflected in the market, Techcross received orders of 183 units (123 vessels) solely for existing vessels including 19 bulk carriers from Marmaras Navigation, 11 bulk carriers from Eastern Mediterranean Maritime and 10 bulk carriers from Laskaridis Shipping.

Techcross said that is has received many repeat orders from customers which have installed its Electro-Cleen System system in newbuildings and which are now placing orders for retrofits on existing vessels in their fleets.

In order to deal with the surging orders, Techcross has been working on solutions to create customer values by aligning the internal organisation and reorganising business process, investing to expand the production facilities, and establishing close cooperating relationship with its partner companies. In addition, it strengthened the engineering capacity to provide turnkey solutions to meet the needs of various clients and built a global network to provide faster and more flexible customer service through AS service stations and sales offices located in Houston in the US, Rotterdam in Netherlands, Quingdao in China, Fukuyama in Japan, Singapore and Cyprus.

"Although we had difficult times in the past two or three years due to the lack of orders, we continued our investments in R&D of ballast water treatment systems and recruiting and training talented employees with a long-term vision in preparation for the IMO regulations. As we are ready with the quick customer response and mass production system, we are expecting a rapid growth in the earnings from 2019,” said Jay Lee, Sales Director and the Head of Sales, Techcross.

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