Talusia gets NOL from MAN

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 19 December 2019


With the IMO’s new emissions standards set to be implemented on 1 January 2020, Total Lubmarine has developed a set of marine lubricants designed to work with a range of low sulphur fuels. The company has received a No Objection Letter (NOL) from leading engine manufacturer MAN Energy Solutions, for the use of Talusia Universal (BN 57, SAE 50) on MAN B&W 2-stroke engines operating on Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) with less than 0.5%S.

To achieve its NOL, Talusia Universal was tested on an 8S50MC-C MAN B&W engine operating on VLSFO (max 0.5%S). Inspections were carried out by MAN-ES engineers, who concluded that the performance of Talusia Universal was acceptable.

Welcoming the move, Total Lubmarine Technical Director, Jean-Philippe Roman, said, “We are very pleased to receive this approval and requalification for use with the latest IMO 2020 low sulphur fuels. My team has worked extremely hard with MAN-ES, whose close cooperation has been key in achieving this successful outcome. Following rigorous tests, the engine appeared very clean, with negligible wear, demonstrating the high quality of the Talusia Universal solution.”

Talusia Universal is designed to lubricate engines in a wide range of operating conditions. It helps achieve high levels of engine cleanliness, along with efficient and fast acid neutralization due to its innovative chemistry.

Total Lubmarine has also completed a successful 1,400-hour trial of Talusia Universal on a dual-fuel MAN B&W 7G50ME-GIE engine running continuously on gas with pilot fuel oil. Thanks to its high levels of detergency, the tests revealed that Talusia Universal is also able to achieve cleanliness even on latest generation engines.

Total Lubmarine Global Marketing Manager, Serge Dal Farra, said, “We believe that Talusia Universal is the best and most obvious solution for the IMO 2020 transition period offering an effective premium option for demanding engines. Along with the right cylinder oil selection, all ship operators are advised to ensure that they have implemented a continuous monitoring program aboard their vessels.”

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