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STX Engine customers to benefit from ABB optimisation tool

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Following a new reseller agreement between ABB Turbocharging and STX Engine signed at Kormarine 2021, STX Engine’s customers selecting Tekomar XPERT will benefit from optimised engine performance and reduced OPEX through fuel savings.

ABB Turbocharging’s digital performance optimisation platform Tekomar XPERT is applicable to any engine, transforming high quality, reliable engine operating data, into actionable insights helping optimize engine performance and maintenance.

“At STX Engine we want to lead the way to a greener society through smart solutions. The data capabilities that we are able to offer our customers with Tekomar XPERT will help us in achieving this objective.” said Kim Jong Gui, Parts & Service Division, Division Director, STX Engine. “Since the start of our partnership back in 2019, Tekomar XPERT has been incorporated into our contract package for more than 100 engines to date. We have complete confidence in the solution. With the advanced analytic and advisory modelling Tekomar XPERT provides, we believe this solution offers our customers the best digital engine performance optimization tool currently available on the market for reducing fuel consumption and emissions, while achieving optimal engine performance.”

“The new reseller agreement has proven Tekomar XPERT’s value to STX Engine and their customers,” said Mauro De Micheli, Head of Sales, Marketing and Partnerships for Digital solutions, ABB Turbocharging. “It is a strong endorsement of Tekomar XPERT’s capabilities from one of the leading engine manufacturers, and we are delighted to continue our collaboration with STX Engine.”

ABB Ability Tekomar XPERT can be used to optimize the performance of any marine engine, regardless of the brand or maker, and is currently installed on more than 8,000 engines onboard over 2,000 vessels.

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