StormGeo puts planning and routeing in a single package

Malcolm Latarche
Malcolm Latarche

21 November 2018

Weather routeing specialist StormGeo has announced the launch of the Navigator Solutions Portfolio. The portfolio is an integrated, navigational and route optimisation platform connecting onboard solutions to shore-based decision support and has been made possible by the company’s recent acquisition of chart distributor Nautisk.

The new Navigator Solutions Portfolio consists of the combination of onboard, onshore and weather routing services. Onboard solutions integrate all voyage-planning elements into one optimal workflow, with a focus on usability and connectivity. Onshore solutions will connect the onboard navigation and route optimization to shore-based commercial and technical operations, as well as performance management, integrating weather, voyage reporting and expert assistance.

Svein Kåre Giskegjerde, StormGeo VP of Shipping said, “A major challenge in the shipping industry is the lack of connectivity between voyage planning, route optimisation solutions and shore-based decision making solutions. This results in operational inefficiencies and inadequate fuel savings. The Navigator Solutions Portfolio is significant news for ship operations and management because it improves the connection of the onboard navigational planning station to continuous shore analysis, advice and decision making.” Giskegjerde added, “Because this solutions portfolio is solely provided by StormGeo, customer service, cybersecurity and rapid future innovation will be greatly enhanced.”

As part of the Navigator Solutions Portfolio, StormGeo is also launching NaviPlanner BVS, which it claims is the first fully integrated navigational planning and route optimisation software in the market. StormGeo’s route optimisation software is already in use on more than 6,000 vessels. “This release is the first of many new features to come over the next 12 months,” said Giskegjerde. “NaviPlanner BVS is a key element of our all-in-one digital solution and allows our customers to enter and optimise their route, obtain the appropriate charts and create a voyage plan without switching between disparate solutions. This will increase the amount of optimised routes that are actually sailed, improve the visibility and communication between shore-based operations and vessels, and consolidate systems to enhance security.”

As a part of the launch of NaviPlanner BVS, StormGeo is offering customers free upgrades to the latest version.