Standard warns of possible washwater ban in Brazil

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 10 March 2020


Guidance on a possible open loop scrubber ban in Brazil has been circulated to members of the Standard P&I Club. The club refers to information received from its correspondent in Brazil, Proinde.

Proinde has released news covering the potential ban along with information on availability of 2020-compliant fuels in Brazilian ports.

On the matter of discharge of wash water, Proinde states that there is no official ban on their use in ports saying ‘While the maritime authority regulation accepts the use of EGCS as an alternative way of complying with the new regulation, it is silent on whether there is any restriction or prohibition to discharge wash water from open-loop scrubbers within Brazilian waters and, if so, what is the distance from the nearest land point where discharge is allowed’.

The correspondent then says that ‘A large bulk exporter and port operator in Brazil, recommends that vessels entering Brazilian contiguous zone (24 nautical miles from the coastline) use only compliant fuel (LSFO) and do not discharge wash waters within this range from the shore. Until the relevant authority clarifies this issue, vessels calling at Brazilian ports are advised to switch to a closed-loop, if equipped with a hybrid scrubber, or use IMO 2020-compliant fuel while entering in national waters.

This week, the authority responsible, Department of Ports and Coast, is hosting an advisory forum to discuss several environmental issues. Proinde advises that while it is not expected that the uncertainties surrounding the new regulation will be resolve on this event, it will certainly throw some light into the matter.

As far as ShipInsight is aware, other insurers appear not to have circulated similar information as yet.

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