SRT Marine gets reversible radio transceiver patent

Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter

28 February 2017

SRT Marine Systems has received a US patent and European patent for its reversible time domain duplex (RTDD) transceiver technology.

Developed entirely in-house by SRT’s engineering team RTDD is integrated into SRT’s AIS transceivers to simultaneously reduce cost and size whilst also improving performance.

The technology enables a specific single RF architecture to be used simultaneously for both receiving and transmitting through electronic reversing of the RF chain between receive and transmit.

This is achieved through a complex combination of intelligent selection of intermediate frequencies and ultra-fast switching.

Simon Tucker, CEO of SRT Marine Systems plc said: “Since 1999, SRT have been the global leaders in AIS core technology development. This patent demonstrates the innovation and capability of SRT’s R&D department who have again delivered technology that will deliver substantial benefits to our AIS transceiver customers.”