SpeedCast first Inmarsat partner to integrate Fleet Xpress

Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter

28 February 2017

SpeedCast International has become the first Inmarsat partner to integrate SoftNSD, the software element of the Fleet Xpress network service device, into its satellite communications offering to shipping.

This allows third party application providers to develop and publish innovative, content-rich applications over Fleet Xpress, such as the real-time analysis of data, including engine monitoring, weather information and fuel consumption rates. These applications can deliver real benefits in operational efficiency, safety and compliance, IT security and crew welfare.

The integration of the software element of the Fleet Xpress Network Service Device will also allow SpeedCast to build value added solutions and applications over SIGMA Gateway.

SIGMA Gateway is a powerful, industrial-grade network management device designed for ships and remote sites, providing automated and efficient management of multiple WAN links and offering a scalable platform designed to evolve and enable business applications on-board.

“This integration demonstrates SpeedCast’s strength and speed at integrating new technologies, and reaffirms its status as one of the leading players in the maritime industry,” said Ronald Spithout, President, Inmarsat Maritime.

Fully integrating the software element of the Network Service Device into SIGMA Gateway will remove hardware from the below deck rack and will allow SpeedCast to develop their own value added solutions for the maritime community within the infrastructure of Fleet Xpress.