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Singapore gives green light and grants for Cloud Fleet Manager platform

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Shipping companies in Singapore can receive state funding of up to 80% of total project costs when choosing the cloud-based fleet management system from Hanseaticsoft.

In light of the ongoing pandemic and the challenges associated with it, the Singapore government has further accelerated its ongoing activities to take a leading role in the digital transformation of the maritime industry. The government strongly recommends shipping companies take action to digitalise their processes and will grant funding for companies that choose innovative solutions.

These grants will support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to update and innovate their processes and digitally transform their businesses. A special focus is on cloud-technology, which enables companies to work remotely and collaborate regardless of location.

Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM) has already been recognised by local ship owners, managers and agencies as one of the most efficient cloud-based technical ship management solutions and has now been endorsed by the Singapore government. Local shipping companies that decide to accelerate their digitalisation by selecting CFM can apply for governmental funding up to 80% of the total project costs.

Alexander Buchmann, Managing Director of Hanseaticsoft said, “We are delighted that Cloud Fleet Manager has been recognised and endorsed by Singapore’s government. There are huge benefits that shipping companies can realise through digitisation and we look forward to working with and supporting companies this year.”

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