ShipServ joins Green Award

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 17 September 2019


Marine e-procurement specialist ShipServ has joined Green Award, the certification and incentive program for waterborne transport. The organisations announced their cooperation last week in Athens.

Green Award certifies seagoing and inland navigation ship, which can meet requirements beyond the industry’s regulation standards. In particular, Green Award pays attention to safety, quality and environmental aspects. Ships and ship managers can join if they demonstrate their performance greatly benefits the environment, industry and society. Ports and organisations can join by providing incentives to support ships that put in extra effort and strive for excellence in meeting the high Green Award standards.

Ship green

ShipServ will contribute to the promotion of safe shipping and emission reduction by incentivising Green Award certified companies and ships. Founded in 1999, ShipServ helps shipowners and ship managers to find the best suppliers easily, trade efficiently and build trusted relationships. Buyers speed up their purchasing process and save money, while suppliers can access tools to serve their customers more efficiently and quickly.

Green Award certified companies and ships are entitled to a 20% additional discount on ShipServ’s proposed one-time set-up fee and a free procurement discovery session, which includes analysis and advice on how to optimise purchase and sourcing processes.

In his welcome speech, Green Award Chairman Captain Dimitrios Mattheou said, "We are delighted to have on board ShipServ, our new automated and digitised incentive provider, and we are more than pleased to welcome ShipServ people to our global green team. ShipServ, with a groundbreaking idea based on cutting-edge technology, is changing the economics of the global maritime industry, driving marine procurement to a more efficient, trustworthy and reliable interactive e-environment. Green Award, along with ShipServ and the rest of our distinguished incentive providers, fairly represent the determined, passionate, faithful, devoted and pioneering sailors of Green Shipping."

Mikael Weis, Chief Operating Officer at ShipServ, said, “We are happy to join the Green Award family. This cooperation also coincides with the celebration of our 20th anniversary, so we are even more pleased. Preserving the environment and functioning in a sustainable manner is the responsibility of all companies and thus ShipServ wants to lead in this area as well. Cementing this partnership in Athens/Piraeus is a pleasing fact as the Greek Ship Owners are amongst the most important in the world. ShipServ has invested in the Mediterranean and welcomes more Greek Shipping companies to its global client list.”

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