ShipInsight conference will explore navigation developments

Navigation clearly has important safety and commercial implications and there are currently many developments in progress that could have an impact on shipowners’ decisions. Because of that, ShipInsight’s annual conference on 26-27 February, titled A Global Transition, will include a panel session during Day 2 of the event specifically focused on developments in navigation.

For example, is shipping too dependent on the US-military’s GPS system? Will the EU’s Galileo be an alternative and what will the UK’s post-Brexit withdrawal from that project mean? Meanwhile, China is establishing a global satellite navigation system, with a series of launches in 2019 and plans to complete its Beidou constellation this year.

There have also been developments in Eutelsat’s positioning services. Although it is generally seen as a communications provider, its latest launch – the Eutelsat-5 West B satellite – includes equipment for Europe’s Global Navigation Satellite Services to support vessel positioning.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, as autonomous ships come closer to reality, should we be concerned about cyber-security threats to navigation systems?

ShipInsight has reported developments in navigational technology in recent months. In December 2019, for example, Intellian and JRC announced a strategic partnership to improve maritime satellite communication antenna technology. One of the motivations was to meet demand from ship operators to share ship-to-shore navigation information.

In November, we reported on the creation of the largest provider of navigation software, data and products in the world when Cornes Chart Group acquired navigation systems supplier GNS. That was just a few days after UK-based ChartCo and Marine Press from Canada merged to form a new company, OneOcean, that will deliver “the largest range of navigation and compliance solutions into the maritime sector,” the two companies said at the time.

Last year also brought the final rollout stage of ECDIS, so all ships affected by the regulations should now be sailing with an ECDIS installed

With this background, there will be plenty for our panel of experts to consider. In a discussion-led format, they will be guided by points made and questions asked by delegates during the conference, which will take place just a few weeks after IMO’s Sub-Committee on Navigation, Communications and Search and Rescue (NCSR 7) which is scheduled to have a busy and wide-ranging agenda. That agenda and many more of the meeting’s papers are available in advance in the public area of IMODOCS.

Register now, by following the links below, to take part in the conference discussions and to benefit from the networking and knowledge of other delegates.

• The second ShipInsight annual conference will be held in London on 26-27 February 2020 in a venue close to IMO’s headquarters. Programme details will be updated as panellists are confirmed. Day 1 will focus on fuel choices and other technical topics; Day 2 on communications, navigation, digitalisation and future technologies.

To make the conference particularly relevant, it will be possible to book for either or both days. Bookings are being taken now and ShipInsight readers should reserve their places online to be sure of taking part in the second ShipInsight annual conference.

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