ShipInsight Conference 2020 tickets are now on sale

Paul Gunton

Paul Gunton · 16 October 2019


Tickets are now available for The ShipInsight Conference 2020, which will take place in London on 26-27 February. It will look at some of the significant choices facing shipping executives such as controlling costs, carbon emissions and communication technologies, while adopting digitalisation, drones and 3D printing.

All these decisions are affected by ShipInsight’s twin themes of global regulation and technological developments and this conference will help steer a course towards profitable solutions.

2020 will be a significant year for ShipInsight readers, and not just because of the sulphur cap that comes into effect on 1 January. Through the year, EEDI Phase 2 will enter into force; ships of 5,000gt and above trading globally will have to report emissions data to the IMO’s Data Collection System; the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must establish vessel discharge standards under the Vessel Incidental Discharge Act (VIDA); electronic record books will be required; and numerous SOLAS amendments will take effect, including amendments to the IMDG Code.

The ShipInsight Conference is timed for the shipping community to take stock of the initial impact of the sulphur cap and to share experiences and expectations about that and a range of other topics. It has been structured to encourage this sharing of ideas: unlike most other events, it is primarily a discussion-led gathering, with panels of experts providing their own insights while being guided by the questions and topics raised by delegates.

Shipinsight conference

This format was used during the inaugural ShipInsight Conference in February this year and it received positive feedback from delegates after the event. With important choices to make and decisions to take, attendees will be encouraged to identify for themselves their specific expectations for the event before they arrive and to ensure that they meet their goals by questioning and challenging panellists and other attendees.

There are still opportunities to be a panellist in some of the sessions and any ShipInsight reader who believes they can offer their knowledge and thought-leadership on any of the topics shown in the conference programme should complete this form.

The conference programme which can be seen here has been designed to group its topics across the two days so that delegates need only attend the day that is most relevant for them.


Day 1 will include an opportunity to review early experience with low-sulphur fuels; coatings, corrosion and hull efficiency; ballast water treatment; and meeting IMO’s ambitious goals on cutting carbon emissions. Day 2 will explore developments in communications; navigation; digitalisation and artificial intelligence; and new technologies, such as drones and 3D printing.

Each day is competitively priced at £495, with a discount rate of £895 to attend both days. And until the end of November, a 15% discount on both rates can be claimed by using the code EARLY15 at the online checkout.

There will be a cocktail reception at the end of Day 1 and all delegates – whichever day they are attending – will be able to take part in that gathering, making it the busiest part of the event and providing many valuable and unique opportunities explore new ideas with new contacts.

Unlike most other events, it is primarily a discussion-led gathering, with panels of experts providing their own insights while being guided by the questions and topics raised by delegates.

Over the course of the conference, there will be other networking opportunities – during refreshment breaks and lunches – to continue exploring the ideas and initiatives that the conference is designed to foster.

This year’s event will take place in a stunning location in London’s Westminster, close to the UK’s Houses of Parliament and across the river from the headquarters of the IMO. It will set a pattern for the future: every year, the ShipInsight Conference will provide a forum to debate and understand the key topics that are likely to be significant for the year ahead, making it a must-attend gathering for anyone whose responsibilities connect with maritime regulation or technology.

If you are interested in speaking, attending or sponsorship click here.

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