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ScanReach teams with KVH Watch Cloud Connect for Maritime IoT

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KVH Industries has announced that ScanReach has joined the KVH Watch Solution Partner program and will offer KVH Watch Cloud Connect services. ScanReach’s breakthrough onboard wireless connectivity technology enables data to travel anywhere on the vessel without cabling. Combined with KVH Watch Cloud Connect, the data will travel to the cloud for useful data analysis to improve vessel performance.

“This collaboration between ScanReach and KVH Watch Cloud Connect means that for the first time, the commercial maritime industry can work with two tech leaders in the market and make one end-to-end wireless solution all the way from onboard sensors and data sources up to the cloud and to the different analysts, making extremely useful applications based on the data,” said Jacob Grieg Eide, chief business development officer for ScanReach.

“We are thrilled to partner with ScanReach and be able to offer shipowners, OEMs, and service technicians a totally sensor to cloud wireless connectivity solution for vessel performance using data from all the equipment onboard today’s complex vessels,” said Sven Brooks, senior director of IoT business development for KVH.

The ability to transfer data wirelessly through a steel vessel is one more example of the digitalisation that is transforming the maritime industry. ScanReach’s wireless technology enables data from sensors on a vessel’s cargo, equipment, or even personnel to provide real-time information with multiple uses from safety to vessel performance. For example, ScanReach recently participated in a trial to improve animal welfare onboard livestock vessels by using its wireless nodes to collect and transfer data from the livestock to the vessel bridge and to the cloud. ScanReach also offers a personnel safety solution so that seafarers can be located quickly in case of an onboard emergency.

KVH recently expanded its suite of KVH Watch maritime IoT solutions with Cloud Connect, a service designed to address the complexity of managing data from hundreds of onboard sensors with a comprehensive package containing data source definitions, data mappings, and associated dashboards. An onboard Cloud Connect Edge Server aggregates and processes data from vessel sensors and provides a containerized, hybrid cloud architecture to enable downsampling, data storage, and data access for analysis, cloud-based data reporting, and dynamic visualisations.

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