S Korea’s BN Group to focus on eco-friendly antifouling paint

Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter

06 March 2017

South Korea's marine coatings and paint major BN Group mulls expanding its presence in the global market with environment-friendly antifouling paint technology, Korea Times reported. "We are holding a patent for production of special anti-fouling paint which is eco-friendly to the marine ecosystem reduces frictional resistance of ships down to the world lowest level for better fuel efficiency," company stated in its website.
It adds: "In our superb and effective production facility, we are not only making paint for ships but also doing effort to develop special paint for repair of ballast tanks that can harden under high humidity condition."
While acknowledging the strong presence of its global competitors in related technologies, n time with the imminent regulatory change, BN Chemical recently introduced BN GreenGuard 655, an antifouling marine coating product without using copper. The report said that antifouling paint coating is applied to ships and offshore structures both in sea and fresh water environments, serving the dual purpose of protecting the structure from deterioration and keeping ships looking good. The related technologies are now at an inflection point. N Group Honorary Chairman Cho Sung-je said that most ships have applied highly concentrated copper oxide on the hull, containing extra biocides such as zinc pyrithione or organic algaecides to cope with slime and weed growth. Those ships won't be able to enter some U.S. ports from next year at the earliest