Russia’s Zvezda yard launches first tanker

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A major milestone has been reached by the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex in Russia’s Far East with the launch of Rosneft’s new dual-fuel Aframax tanker Vladimir Monomakh.

The new-generation tanker is designed to transport oil in unrestricted navigation. The vessel is designed in compliance with high environmental safety standards. The length of the vessel is 250m, width 44m, deadweight 114,000 tonnes, speed 14.6 knots, ice class ICE-1A. Zvezda’s portfolio already has 12 orders for vessels of such type.

The launch of the first vessel on Zvezda was a unique operation. The Aframax tanker was launched with the Vympel floating transfer dock, one of the largest in Russia. Preparation for the launch took almost a day. Within this time, the tanker was rolled by a vessel trolley-transporter from the open outfitting slip to the floating dock, and then taken to the waters.

The construction history of this type of tankers began with the visit of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex in September 2017. It was then that a package agreement was signed for the design, construction, technical supervision, operation and training of the crews of 10 Aframax class tankers. Putin attended again in September 2018 to witness the keel laying of the first vessel.

The Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex is being implemented by the consortium of investors led by Rosneft Oil Company. The shipyard is being built using fundamentally new technological solutions that will make it one of the most advanced shipbuilding facilities in the world.

Construction of Zvezda is being carried out in two stages. Completion of the first stage has allowed ships to be constructed. Commissioning of the second stage will expand the shipyard’s capabilities and allow Zvezda to build vessels and marine equipment without any limitations. The second stage comprises a dry dock and additional full-cycle production shops for construction of large-capacity vessels and marine equipment. The shipyard overall completion is scheduled for 2024.

The shipyard presently has about 3,500 employees. By 2024 when the construction of all facilities is to be finished, the number of employees will exceed 7,000.


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