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Rightship’s new Safety Score platform goes live

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RightShip, the maritime risk management and environmental assessment organisation, has announced that its new Safety Score and Platform has gone live on Monday 8th February.

The announcement follows a comprehensive familiarisation period which enabled users to understand what the new Safety Score meant for their operations. Now the new Safety Score and Platform is live, RightShip’s Qi platform has been made ‘read-only’ and the Risk Rating removed, before Qi will go offline on 15 February 2021.

RightShip has spent the last two years building and refining the Safety Score; a metric that enables the entire industry to responsibly improve the safety of vessel operations. The Safety Score ensures there are minimum standards that all vessels must meet, as well as clear actions to take to improve a vessel’s score. This creates a level playing field for all vessels and provides a clearer pathway for improvement at all levels of the Safety Score. It also supports RightShip’s vetting customers, including charterers, ports and terminals, by providing key insights on a vessel or operator’s performance as the first step in their due diligence process.

Commenting on the official launch of the Safety Score, Steen Lund, CEO, RightShip, said, “It is fantastic to see all the hard work behind the Safety Score pay off. We have been diligent in our work to ensure that the Platform and the Safety Score works for all members of the shipping community. The collaboration, involvement and feedback by a wide range of stakeholders has been essential to its success. This launch is an exciting moment for RightShip and its customers. We believe the new Safety Score is a product that will make significant changes to the way shipping operates and lead to greater safety, sustainability and welfare outcomes. It is an important step in our digitisation process; with all communication housed on one platform, we believe it will enhance efficiency and transparency for our customers and we wish to thank the industry for its feedback and support in the development and implementation.”

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