Remontowa launches last of four Norled ferries

Polish shipbuilder and repairer Remontowa Shipbuilding has announced the fourth and last of the series of hybrid electric passenger-car ferry for Norwegian shipowner Norled has been launched.

“The launching operation of the last ferry under the order was done last week using a floating dock from Gdańsk Shiprepair Yard and went according to plan.

Currently, the vessel is docked and the same dock is being prepared to dock vessel number two in order to perform its final inspection before going out to sea trials and handing it over to the shipowner,” said Piotr Alboszta, project manager.

Under the contract, four such units are being built in Remontowa Shipbuilding. The modern, battery-powered double-sided ferries will be sailing in the Norwegian fjord area and will serve the connection between Festøya – Solavågen and Mannheller – Fodnes.

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