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Maritime transport is the backbone of our global economy and any disruption can have a drastic impact. As we continue to navigate through an unpredictable operating and regulatory landscape it is important to look for effective ways to optimise efficiency. There is no single solution but through a combination of ship design, better operational planning and an investment in eco-efficient technologies, shipowners and operators will be in a better position to improve revenue and reduce fuel consumption and associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The marine environment is challenging for the vessels that operate within it. A significant factor is hull fouling and this occurs when marine organisms such as slime, algae and barnacles attach themselves to a vessel’s underside. This process corrupts the smoothness of the hull surface, creating drag. The speed loss resulting from drag requires the engine to increase its power output and, consequently, more fuel is used. As fuel is one of the primary operating expenses for shipowners where the right choice of an effective hull coating can deliver significant savings. With this in mind Hempel, the worldwide coatings manufacturer, developed Hempaguard MaX – a hull coating system that not only protects against fouling but also increases fuel efficiency out of dock and minimises time in drydock.

Protecting hulls and wallets

Hempaguard MaX is a revolutionary, three-coat system that delivers a return on investment in as little as three months1. Suitable for any vessel operating at any speed, Hempaguard MaX builds on the success of the well-established Hempaguard X7 fouling-defence product. It provides a significant boost in fuel efficiency, faster application times, increased hull smoothness and a guaranteed maximum speed loss2 of 1.2 per cent over five years (according to ISO 19030).

The solution remains effective for up to 120 days while the vessel is lying idle – one of the longest idle time antifouling guarantees on the market. Additionally, Hempaguard MaX allows full trading flexibility, without restrictions on trading area, trading pattern or water temperature.

Whilst most quality hull coatings rely on a five-layer application; Hempaguard MaX is a three-coat high performance system which means it takes less time to apply, saving owners as much as two days in drydock

Three coats for any vessel

Each of the three layers works in concert with the others, providing an effect that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The anticorrosive primer Hempaprime Immerse 900 makes up the base layer of the coating system and helps to ensure an ultra-smooth finish. Nexus II is a next-generation tie coat which is applied between the two other layers with anticorrosive properties The top-coat is Hempaguard X8 – the fouling-defence product that builds on the success of the award-winning Hempaguard X7. This layer makes use of Hempel’s proprietary Actiguard technology, combining a powerful active ingredient, packaged within a smooth silicone coating. The silicone coating’s improved hydrogel microlayer contains the active ingredients and ensures they remain at the surface of the paint where they are most effective. Doing this reduces the amount of biocide required by up to 95 per cent.

Reducing fuel consumption and operational expenditure makes economic sense for owners and operators. The durability, flexibility and the return on investment delivered from Hempaguard MaX gives vessel operators a level of confidence and certainty in an unpredictable market.

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Hempaguard MaX at a glance:

  • Powerful advanced fouling defence coating system with increased smoothness.
  • Low average hull roughness driven by the whole coating system – improving fuel efficiency.
  • 1.2 per cent maximum guaranteed speed loss2
    over five years.
  • Enhanced anti-corrosive capabilities.
  • Three coat system that saves up to two days in dock – saving time and money.
  • Improved idle time antifouling guarantee of 120 days.

1 Based on a VLCC with activity level of 70 per cent and burning low sulphur fuel costing 35 per cent more than standard bunker fuel over a five-year life cycle. Hempaguard MaX system delivers an annual saving of around USD 1.8 million compared to a market average antifouling. This equates to a ROI (return on investment) of three months.

2Speed loss: If a vessel’s main engine is set at a certain power output, it will propel the ship through the water at a certain speed. Over time, fouling accumulation will increase drag and cause the speed of the ship to reduce even if the main engine power output remains constant. This reduction in speed is termed “speed loss”.

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